Doctor Who “The Dead Planet”

Well, the TARDIS got lost somewhere else.  Will our heroes survive?

Um, yes.  Yes, they will.

Why wouldn’t they?

Well, we can start with the fact that everyone got a bad dose of radiation without realizing it.  The men seem to be feeling it.

They also seem to be stuck on a planet where everything is dead, with all the trees and animals seemingly turned to brittle stone.

Someone touched Susan when no one else was looking.

Oh, and the Doctor really wants to explore a city they spotted that seemed to be made of metal.  So, when a tube of some kind on the TARDIS seems to short out and need s a mercury refill, the Doctor insists he doesn’t carry any extra to spare.

Yeah, I don’t buy for a minute that was an accident.  There’s no way the Doctor was giving up exploring the city.  And they did find a box of glass vials outside the TARDIS left by…someone.

As it is, the metal city seems to be deserted, so the group breaks up to explore for a few minutes once they figure out how to open the doors.  Barbara runs into problems and misses the rendezvous time when everyone was supposed to reconnect outside.  The doors won’t reopen, they seems to be for someone a bit shorter than an average adult human, and then she seems to be threatened by something off-screen that seems to be armed with a plunger of some…

Wait, what was this story arc called?


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