Doctor Who “The Firemaker”

So, what does the Doctor do at this point?

I ask this because, at this point, I don’t know what makes the character special.  Ian seems to be more of a leader of the group as the Doctor sits by and watches.  If he has anything to say, it’s to show disapproval.  When the caveman Za asks who’s in charge of their tribe, Ian says the Doctor is.


Seriously, why?

Here’s what the Doctor does in this episode:

He proves Za is innocent of the death of the old woman by pointing out Za’s knife is clear while Za’s rival Kal’s knife has blood on it, thereby inventing CSI.  Of course, Kal then proudly says he did kill the old woman, and then Ian points out the tribe, working together, is stronger than Kal.

So, Ian gave them that.  He also manages to create fire, the one thing the cavemen are looking for.  Za wants to know why, but everyone that isn’t the Doctor wants to show everybody, but Za says only the leader can provide fire.  Za also kills Kal at this point.  But see, Za ordered the Doctor and his companions killed despite their help, then waivers, and then the time travelers escape because the Cave of Skulls isn’t really as secure as it looks.

The group gets back to the TARDIS, but the time machine isn’t working quite right.  That means they do get away to another time, but looking out the window didn’t help there.  All the audience knows is the radiation outside is really, really high.

Also really high?  Possibly whoever came up with this stuff.


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