Orphan Black “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”

OK, this is how season one ends, with some shocking revelations and someone left for dead.

So, here’s the thing:  Dr. Leekie approaches Cosima and Alison separately offering to make them a deal.  Sarah is approached by…someone else.  Helena isn’t approached by anyone, but Sarah does manage to bring their birth mother to the crazed Ukrainian clone, and it turns out Helena doesn’t take kindly to finding out her birth mother gave her up to the church since that ended up with Helena in the hands of the Proletheans.

Now, Sarah might have been approached by Leekie, but that was prevented when Art and a squad full of cops arrested Sarah at Mrs. S’s house.  Heck, Art wants to help and even has a partial recording from Sarah asking for it, and Sarah is actually about to spill the beans to Art when a Dyad attorney, Daniel Rosen, shows up to spring her.  Paul had tipped them off.  He’s still under Dyad blackmail himself.

Plus, Alison was shaken up after fighting with Aynsley in Aynsley’s house that ended with Aynsley dead from an accident involving a scarf and a garbage disposal.  Now I never have to type Aynsley again!

The deal from Dyad:  the clones provide regular DNA samples and the like and Dyad leaves them alone.

Sarah’s offer comes from yet another clone, Rachel Duncan, the one Sarah nicknames “pro-clone” since she works for Dyad and seems icy and a different kind of British.

Will the clones take the deal?

Cosima is tempted as Leekie also offered her a job and the clone DNA to look at.

Alison just wants everything to end.

And Sarah?  Well, Helena stabbed Amelia to death and Sarah was desperate enough after Helena almost strangled her to death to shoot Helena and leave her for dead.  Sarah wants protection for Kira.

But then there’s Delphine.  She feels bad about turning on Cosima and comes to help Cosima decode the DNA at Felix’s place.  Besides, Cosima is coughing up blood now, reminding me how I generally like Cosima as a character but also think she got the weakest storyarcs on the show.

And after Art tracks down Vic the Dick, he also realizes that Alison exists and Alison is not Beth or Sarah, and neither is the German.  He’s as baffled as ever.

So, what happens?

Alison signs.

Sarah is en route to do so in Rachel’s office.

Then Cosima and Delphine decode the DNA and find…a patent message coded in it.  Whoever made it “owns” the clones, and that could include Kira, so Sarah shouldn’t sign and she and Paul make a break for it.

Then we learn two depressing things.

Someone ransacked Mrs. S’s place and both Mrs. S and Kira are missing.

And Donnie was Alison’s monitor after all.

And thus ends the first season.


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