Doctor Who “The Forest of Fear”

You know, I think I should have worked a little harder to learn the names of the different cavemen.

But I didn’t.  Let’s push on.

So, how does the Doctor and his companions escape the Cave of Skulls?

The old wise woman let them out because they would bring fire and that would be bad for some reason.

And do they wait until the end to get to the Forest of Fear?

Nope.  They get there right away.

What’s so scary in there?

Wild animals.  A rubber boar’s head scares Barbara.  There are some big cats or something, but we only see things through its eye when it attacks the caveman leader whose dad didn’t show him how to make fire.

Now, the guy doesn’t die, and the Doctor is…an irritable old cuss.  He doesn’t like Ian taking charge, he doesn’t like being treated like a weakling because of his age, and he doesn’t like stopping to help people, namely that caveman who was only badly injured by the mystery animal.

Isn’t he a doctor?  Eh, he says not.

How much of this guy did they have figured out before they started the show?

At any rate, Susan, Ian, and Barbara decide to give the injured guy first aid despite the Doctor pointing out they probably don’t have anything like “compassion” and “trust” in this primitive society.  Heck, the caveman’s girlfriend seems baffled by the assistance.  Maybe the Doctor is right.

Or maybe he isn’t.  This storyarc only has one chapter left.

That’s fine.  The other caveman who wanted to be in charge tells the others he dreamt the strangers killed the old wise woman (yes, she is dead), and they surround the TARDIS and ambush our generic heroes.

Yes, they are generic.  The Doctor is a different character from the others, making him the most interesting.  Of course, it is his name in the title.

Sort of.


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