Comic Review: Jimmy’s Bastards Volume 1

OK, I’ll be honest…I got this one for the title alone so I could poke Jimmy Impossible a little.

Anyhoo, here’s a quick review for the AfterShock Comics title Jimmy’s Bastards subtitled Trigger Warning.

Jimmy Regent is Britain’s top agent, a suave superspy with a lot of gadgets, a penchant for fine drink, and a gift for seducing the ladies, especially a long line of female partners.  Sound familiar?  It should.  This is Garth Ennis doing for James Bond what he did with superheroes in The Boys.  Regent is fairly shallow but not a complete jerk.  His latest partner, Nancy McEwan, has no interest in him romantically or otherwise and Regent actually respects that enough not to hit on her.

That said, as the volume opens, Regent is taking on Islamic terrorists bringing down a blimp restaurant and his first action is to shoot one in the genitals.

It’s Garth Ennis.  It’s not supposed to be subtle.

As it is, Regent has a new adversary group, and saying who they are would be telling but it does fit in with the general theme of the series.  Essentially, this is Ennis doing for Bond what he previously has done many times over for superheroes.  Heck, artist Russ Braun has a similar style to the work seen in Ennis’ The Boys.  The problem here is, quite frankly, it feels like Ennis going through the motions.  If you like his work, you’ll probably really like this one, but if you are hoping for something different, it will probably be a bit of a disappointment.  I’m not quite there yet, but I do know Ennis is capable of better, more serious work than he demonstrates here.  7.5 out of 10 evil chimps.


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