Doctor Who “The Cave Of Skulls”

As I am sure most people know, the Doctor’s name is not “Doctor Who”.  He’s just the Doctor.  The “who” was added because, well, he never gives any additional name than that.

And here’s another thing:  he’s rather easily disposed of here.  The TARDIS went back in time to the Stone Age, but something went a little wrong as the ship didn’t disguise itself as something that blends into the background and still looks like a police box.

That’s for later, as finally the two teachers believe the Doctor is a time traveler, albeit one who responds “Doctor who?” when he is addressed as “Doctor Foreman” to match his granddaughter’s last name.  He seems a little nicer this time around, but not by much.  If anything, he berates Ian a good deal for not believing they went somewhere else until they go outside and see…a lot of sand.

Meanwhile, some English-speaking cavemen are trying to build fire and there’s a power struggle going on between two of them.  The leader will provide fire.  One’s father invented a lot of stuff but never taught his son how to build a fire.  The other jumps the Doctor and knocks him out when the old man was lighting his pipe.  And sure, the Doctor would love to provide these people with fire, but he lost his matches in the ambush.

So, let’s say you’re a teenage girl and two school teachers, and you want to grab an old man from a tribe of cave dwellers.  What is the smartest plan you can come up with?

Well, it isn’t to rush in, jump on top of one and try to pull the Doctor away.  That’s what they try and all get captured because these people aren’t very smart.

And then we finally get to the Cave of Skulls.  They’re being held prisoner there.  All the skulls have nice holes in them.  See, as the old wise woman said, the four strangers need to die, but the guy whose dad invented bear traps seems to be the leader and he was merciful compared to the other guy.  The other guy wanted to kill the strangers immediately.

Junior said wait until sunrise.

Well, that’s a problem.


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