American Horror Story “Halloween Part Two”

Halloween doesn’t seem to end well for a lot of people.

By the by, this episode had a moment when Hayden’s ghost did something that looked like she microwaved the dog to death.  Then the dog showed up looking fine, but this it the MURDER HOUSE so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the dog in the microwave and that’s just the pooch’s ghost running around.

Admit it.  That sounds as plausible as anything.

So, where are we here?  Burnt Larry and Dead Hayden decide to team up to take out Vivien after Violet leaves to go on a date with Tate.  That involves burning things after Ben first demands to know what scam Hayden and Burnt Larry are pulling, and then after Ben is knocked out and tied up.  Sure, Dead Nora unties him, but Vivien doesn’t seem to realize there’s a lot about what Hayden is doing that isn’t really something with a scientific explanation.  Plus, Chad is outside smashing pumpkins and telling Vivien to get out of his house.

Dude, your house is haunted!

Violet’s date doesn’t go so well either.  Tate wants to go all the way, and she’s not that interested in that yet, but the mob of zombie teenagers that fit various stereotypes is another story.  They’re all mad at Tate for killing them because despite what Violet thinks, it isn’t make-up.  Maybe the nerdy fellow missing most of his lower jaw should have been a clue there.  It seems Tate did a school shooting and Violet doesn’t know about that.  And it happened almost 20 years ago.  What do these kids want?  They want Tate to either say why he did it, or admit that he did.  He says he doesn’t remember.

What else might he not remember?  Being dead from the looks of things.  Constance takes Violet aside to first blame the girl for Addie’s death, and then to explain that Tate is her son, the only one who came out like her, and that Tate shouldn’t be told Addie died because he wouldn’t react well to that.

You know, we’ve been told Constance had four kids, and Tate was the only one who came out looking normal.  But he’s kinda evil.  OK, there’s probably no “kinda” involved here.  What I am saying is Constance doesn’t seem like the best of mothers from what we’ve seen and she’s an all-around awful person, so perhaps that being evil thing led to all her kids coming out “wrong” and for one (Tate) it just wasn’t very obvious.

But Ben doesn’t save his family as urged.  Instead, he’s forced to confess that he did screw around with Hayden one more time since if she were pregnant, he hadn’t stayed away from her for a full year and Vivien throws him out.  She also had a speech about trying to get with a married man in her own youth, so yeah.  That’s a thing.  Hayden may admit defeat upon learning Vivien is also pregnant, and she lets the private security man take her away.

But then Halloween night is over, and ghosts can’t roam free anymore.  All of the different ghosts come back to the Murder House, and some of them seem to be a little friendly with each other, and Hayden disappears from the back of the security guy’s car after he had a conversation with her where she says the red explosion in the microwave was actually some tomatoes and not the dog.

But at this point, I still think it could have been the dog.

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