Comic Review: Batman Zero Year-Secret City (New 52)

I started this week with a review for my current favorite Batman writer and a storyarc that dealt with Batman and an early case in his superhero career.

Let’s end it with another one of my favorite Batman writers doing the same thing with Scott Snyder’s first part to Zero Year, namely Secret City.

Flashing back to Bruce Wayne’s first month or so back in Gotham City after he finished his globetrotting training missions, we see him come to back to Gotham, still presumed dead, and working with Alfred to create a vigilante identity.  Over time, he gradually develops the Batman costume and the other accouterments associated with the role.  And it’s a good thing, too.  The Red Hood gang, led by a very Joker-like guy, is reeking havoc all over Gotham.  The leader there, with his bad sense of humor, is up to something, and the new Batman will need to do something about it.

This was a fun story, showing Bruce Wayne displaying a very different attitude as a crimefighter, one as willing to make a crack or even flip a criminal off.  The relationship with Alfred and the butler’s own role in developing the Batman identity is explored, as well as setting up more work with Jim Gordon and a new criminal calling himself the Riddler.  Snyder sometimes seem to get lost in his own ideas, but that sure didn’t happen here.  Nine and a half out of ten flashbacks to Dr. Thomas Wayne.

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