Simpsons Did It!: “Throw Grampa From The Dane”

Ok, I know the show has been doing remakes and sequels to older episodes by this point, but this one is about Grampa needing some sort of medical treatment, the family deciding to go abroad to get it cheaper, and then a member of the family deciding to stay in that foreign country.  They did that just last season with Cuba.  Now?  Well, they’re going somewhere else.

So, the Simpsons came into some money after Marge directed Homer to relocate the painting over the living room couch and her directions on where actually caused Homer to pound a nail through the water main.  Yes, for once, major property damage is not Homer’s fault, and besides, the couch actually looked better in the place it floated off to, and there goes that giant Olmec head…

Yes, the Simpsons actually have their insurance paid up and that will pay for everything, even as it costs their insurance agent Gil his job.  They get a couple weeks in an AirBnB while some guys clean out their house of water damage.  Where will they go?  A neighbor’s?  Some other exotic location?

Well, Grampa heard they came into some money, and he needs some sort of operation.  He doesn’t say what it is.  And even Dr. Nick either can’t or won’t do it at a price the family can afford.  But what about…Copenhagen?

Yeah, apparently, the insurance will pay for that.  Off they go to Denmark, where we get the usual scenes of the Danish guy they are renting their rooms from giving them a tour, and it’s got more bikes than car, and signs that mean different things in English than they do in Danish, a fact that makes Bart and Homer laugh long and hard while Lisa gives it a giggle because she is only eight.  Now, Grampa can’t just fly in for surgery, but if he injures himself…

As such, while Homer and Grampa look for a way to injure Grampa, Marge falls in love with Denmark and wants to stay.  So do the kids to one degree or another.  The people are thinner, all of them are attractive, none of them are pushy, and everyone speaks excellent English, all the opposite of America and Homer.  As such, Marge says she isn’t going back to Springfield.  Homer, however, does and it gets a little worse when two things happen:  Homer learns what operation Grampa needs and Homer sits in a bar by himself when a Danish woman (guest star, real Dane, and Westworld cast member Sidse Babett Knudsen) hits on Homer despite his constant reminders that he’s married because Denmark is a more open society about such things and she does get him on the dance floor for Marge to see.

Fortunately, Marge seems to believe Homer about that woman but she still won’t leave Denmark.

And Grampa just needed a tattoo removed.  It had Mona’s name on it.  He doesn’t want it anymore, and even Homer admits his mother’s one great ability was to make people miss her.

As it is, Grampa advises Homer to get Marge because Grampa knows a thing or two about ruining a marriage, and Homer does miss a flight to get his family back.  And it’s a good thing, too.  Marge learned the Danish way of preventing water overuse wasn’t to her liking, and the fact the sun only rose for a few seconds at 11AM wasn’t to her liking either.  Bart changed his mind when he found out Denmark had excellent schools.  Lisa still loves it, but she also knows nobody listens to her, which means Homer thinks the family was unanimous about wanting to return to Springfield.

And Grampa did get that tattoo removed, but the country’s socialized system meant it was free and it bankrupted the country.

Probably a good time to go home then.

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