Comic Review: DC Rebirth Batwoman Volume 1

I’ve said that Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV seems more interested in writing a Batwoman series in that book than he does a Batman book.

Well, he got one, co-written by Faith writer Marguerite Bennett, showing Kate Kane going on global adventures.

Spinning off from Detective Comics, Kate is on a mission from her cousin Bruce to find the last of the Monster Serum that came from that book.  Stationed on a roving luxury private yatch with Alfred’s daughter Julia as her babysitter/tech person.  Her search takes to the outlaw island of Coryana, where Kate once spent a “lost year,” and she finds the place changed.  What connections do these changes have to her mission and to her own past?

Tynion and Bennett are off to a rough start here.  I read it and felt like I was skipping pages at times given the plot jumping around in certain ways.  The last issue reprinted showed some promise as a future dystopian story, and I always have been a sucker for those, but I am not sure I care that much about this Kate Kane just yet.  Plus, she is still excessively pale in a way that doesn’t look all that human in the grand scheme of things.  It’s promising, but I don’t find myself caring too much about her past so much as the series doing a decent job of distinguishing her from Batman.  If it can do that and justify the revival of an otherwise forgotten Silver Age character, then it could be something good.  As it is, this one sets up a future adversary who is hardly a surprise given the set-up to that villain.  In the meantime, I’m giving this one seven out of ten badly named assassins.

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