Orphan Black “Unconscious Selection”

Sarah sure was smart to pick the allies she did.

Too bad she probably still needs some more.

Yes, it turns out Mrs. S is a great ally.  She actually knows some people.  Mrs. S doesn’t know exactly what Sarah’s deal is, but she knows how to go underground and find people.  By episode’s end, she brings in a woman named Amelia.  Amelia is a black South African and, it turns out, Sarah’s surrogate mother.  And something else I’ll get to at the bottom.

See, more pieces are moving around.  Art found the surveillance video of the night Beth killed herself and Sarah took her place.  No one checked it before for some reason?  Point is, Art knows Beth is dead and wants a warrant for Sarah.

Dr. Leekie knows Paul lied about how many clones were present for the night Olivier lost his tail, and he wants to talk to Sarah.  That is arranged, and what Leekie really wants is to bring Helena in from the group she belongs to, the religious extremists called the Proletheans.

That’s good because one of those guys locked Helena in a cage for not killing Sarah or bringing Kira in or something.

Kira actually healed very quickly after being hit by a car by the by.  She’s fine.  Cosima thinks there could be something there from the whole “clones” thing, and she gets in Delphine’s face about telling Leekie stuff, but Delphine swears she left all mention of Kira out because Delphine is not a monster.

Leekie might be.  So might the mystery woman he talks to by phone when Sarah misses a meeting.

That would be because Helena called after getting out of the cage.

Oh, and Alison got home to find Aynsley hosting an intervention in the Hendrix home.  It’s clearly there to embarrass Alison, but she’s smart and tough and brought Felix for back-up.  Getting in Aynsley’s face is enough to prompt Donnie to throw everyone out.  Good for them.

So, yeah, it’s the usual eventful episode.  Did I miss anything?  Oh, right.

Amelia tells Sarah that Sarah has a twin sister.

One that was given to the church.

You know.



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