Orphan Black “Entangled Bank”

You know what the Clone Club might need to do right about now?

Tell some people what’s going on.  They need help.

OK, Paul seems to like Sarah enough to keep her existence a secret from Olivier and Leekie and Dyad, even to the point where he can blackmail Olivier into keeping his mouth shut as the man recovers from forced tail removal.  He’s willing admit Helena was the only clone there.  No Sarah.  Just Helena.  Olivier had some secrets you just can’t keep from a guy who worked military intelligence.  That work does impress the visiting Leekie.

But it also meant that maybe Leekie doesn’t need Olivier around anymore and he’s killed thanks to a painkiller overdose.

Leekie also convinced Delphine to go all the way with the blissfully in-over-her-head Cosima long enough to search Cosima’s place, find some records, and discover that not only does Sarah exist but so does Kira.

Point is, Art is getting suspicious and having “Beth” reappear at the police station to try and allay fears doesn’t help when Art realizes the witness to Sarah Manning’s death, Felix, is the same guy who called Art about Beth before hanging up.

Plus, Art and his partner went to Mrs. S.  Now Mrs. S wants answers.  Don’t mess with Mrs. S.

So, who does Sarah finally confide in?

Mrs. S.

Turns out that woman has some connections to the underground, and she’s a darn good mother figure after all.

Of course, Sarah also shows up with Alison who is having her own problems.  Alison initially thought she’d divorce Donnie under suspicion that he was her monitor.  Now she thinks it might be her “friend” and neighbor Aynsley.  Of course, Aynsley might just be a neighborhood gossip and busybody.  Not a good friend either way.  What does Alison do?  Smoke a joint with Aynsley’s husband before seducing him in her van.


Oh, and it seems Sarah’s switching jackets with Helena has the unexpected consequence of having the deranged religious nut find a letter from Kira in the pocket.  While Sarah and Mrs. S make some plans, Helena convinces Kira to go for a walk, but then lets the little girl go as Sarah calls out for her.

And then Kira gets hit by a car.

Double eep.


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