Watson Reviews: Incredibles 2 (Spoiler Free)

I like but don’t love the first film. This one is tearing up the box office and the critics. Let’s check it out!


Incredibles 2 picks up after the original, despite a decade between films, where the family is trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

When a wealthy magnate tries to legalize superheroes again, he recruits Elastigirl to be the mode hero to launch a media campaign.

When a villain who can control people through their screens challenges her, the whole family must figure out how to be heroes and a family.


  • The action is good. I didn’t love the film because the characters don’t resonate with me, but the action sequences illustrate the advantages of a fully animated Superhero movie. Elastigirl is especially smooth with her stretch fighting and traveling.
  • Girl power is on display.  And there is plenty of time dedicated to Elastigirl’s fighting. A clever plot point has her front and center while Mr Incredible stays at home with the kids.
  • The quality is consistent with the first film.  If you loved the first one, you’ll definitely love this one. It’s similar enough without being repetitive but the greatest hits are all on display.


  • The quality is consistent with the first film. I really never loved the first one. It’s good but not great. I find I don’t really love the Pixar films where the primary action is with humanoid characters.
  • The humor is more targeting a much younger crowd.  The comedy plays low. A lot of big ad broad jokes aimed at kids. Very little Pixar wit anticipating a broader audience; which is a little surprising.
  • It’s another wasted Pixar sequel. I really enjoy Pixar films that are originals like Inside Out or Ratatouille. The only sequels I’ve truly been thrilled with were Toy Story films. Any spot with a sequel is one less original story.


Overall, I liked it. It was pretty to look at, had good action, and gave us a thrilling third act. But this is a franchise where I just can never connect.

Overall, I give INCREDIBLES 2 a score of 8Handheld Remote Controls out of 10.

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