Orphan Black “Parts Developed In An Unusual Manner”

So, if you know you’re being monitored, but you don’t think your monitor knows you’re being monitored, what do you do?

That may be the heart of the episode this time around, specifically for Cosima who figured out Delphine is her monitor.  Sure, Delphine tries to get Cosima to join Dr. Leekie’s Dyad Institute.  Does she?  Not yet, but she lays a kiss on Delphine because one of them is gay (it’s Cosima, duh).  But that’s enough for Cosima this week as she is, as always, far away from whatever is happening in what is probably Canada.

So, let’s check in on Sarah.  Paul seems to be on her side right now.  He’s getting calls from Olivier.  Why?  Well, Leekie looked at the recent lab results and knows Sarah isn’t Beth.

Meanwhile, Art and the police department see the DNA test on the German matches the blood found on the victim.  At the end of the episode, they also see the dead woman has “Sarah Manning’s” fingerprints.  Who is she?  Why does she look like Beth?  And how much more suspicious is Art when Felix calls him and mentions he knows something about Beth before he hangs up?

As it is, Sarah has the problem of Helena.  Helena will let Sarah live if Sarah gives her the names of the other sheep.  Helena’s creepy handler Tomas told Helena she was the original, but Helena feels a bond with Sarah for some reason.

Plus, Olivier is aware that some European is killing the clones, and Tomas is aware Helena let Sarah go.  What to do…

Well, after Olivier captured Paul in his Neolutiuon nightclub (infiltrated by Felix earlier because he’s good for that), Sarah goes there and likewise gets captured.  Felix had heard Olivier had a tail, and well, that’s something, so Sarah decides to let her two enemies fight each other for now as she rescues Paul.  That means offering Helena a name all right, but not for a sheep.  She’ll give Helena a shepherd’s name.  That would be Olivier.  A man with a tail is not something super-religious Helena will go along with.

Yeah, net result is Sarah, Paul, and Felix get away to Felix’s loft, and Helena dances around the club with Olivier’s severed tail.

Helena’s creepy.


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