Watson Re-Ranks His Top 10 Movies of 2010-2016

I’ve been ranking my top movies even before we started Gabbing Geek. Sure, I see a LOT more movies now than in 2010 when I first posted my rankings on my Facebook page, but over the years there has always been a Top 10.

I thought it would be fun to go back and re-rank my top ten for 2010-2016 to see how my lists have held up over time (2017 is too recent to have changed much).

Also, I only include movies I saw that year, and not ones I later saw on home video in subsequent years. Trying to stay consistent with my lists, just adding some time based perspective.

Without further a dude…

 New 2010 Top 10

  1. Toy Story 3 (Previous rank: 2)

  2. Get Him to the Greek (Previous rank: 5)

  3. The Social Network (Previous rank: 4)

  4. Inception (Previous rank: 1)

  5. The King’s Speech (Previous rank: 3)

  6. Kick-Ass (Previous rank: 9)

  7. Shutter Island (Previous rank: 11)

  8. The Town (Previous rank: 7)

  9. True Grit (Previous rank: 6)

  10. Megamind (Previous rank: 12)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  Scott Pilgrim; The Fighter

Commentary: Not a great year for the Top 10. Toy Story 3 is an all time classic, but none of the others rise up. Scorsese’s Shutter Island has held up well in my memory; moving up a couple of spots. I’m actually surprised cotton candy flick Scott Pilgrim was ever in a Top 10.

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New 2011 Top 10

  1. The Descendants (Previous rank: 1)

  2. The Muppets (Previous rank: 5)

  3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Previous rank: 7)

  4. Crazy, Stupid Love (Previous rank: 8)

  5. Bridesmaids (Previous rank: 2)

  6. Source Code (Previous rank: 3)

  7. Captain America:  The First Avenger (Previous rank: 10)

  8. Hugo (Previous rank: 9)

  9. Lincoln Lawyer (Previous rank: 6)

  10. Drive (Previous rank: 4)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  No drops.

Commentary: Another fairly weak top 10. Other than Captain America, I don’t think I’ve rewatched any of these. I liked Clooney’s The Descendants, but it wasn’t an all-time entry by Alexander Payne.

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New 2012 Top 10

  1. Argo (Previous rank: 1)

  2. Life of Pi (Previous rank: 3)

  3. 21 Jump Street (Previous rank: 8)

  4. Avengers (Previous rank: 2)

  5. Chronicle (Previous rank: 5)

  6. Les Mis (Previous rank: 4)

  7. Ted (Previous rank: 7)

  8. Safety Not Guaranteed (Previous rank: 6)

  9. Bernie (Previous rank: 12)

  10. Confessions of a Wallflower (Previous rank: 27)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  Dark Knight Rises; Headhunters

Commentary: A nice, solid Top 10. Best Picture winner, Argo, holds up nicely and remains a modern classic. I rewatched Life of Pi recently and it still gives you chills. The biggest jump comes for Confession of a Wallflower, which was apparently penalized for practically giving me a panic attack while watching it in the theater. Years later, that impact gives it extra credit instead. The third installment of the Dark Knight series drops a bit after an aggressive, but successful, campaign to tear it down by fellow geeks, Jonathan and Jimmy.

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New 2013 Top 10

  1. The Way, Way Back (Previous rank: 1)

  2. Ender’s Game (Previous rank: 16)

  3. Gravity (Previous rank: 2)

  4. Somm (Previous rank: 5)

  5. Man of Steel (Previous rank: 4)

  6. Philomena (Previous rank: 3)

  7. The Wolf of Wall Street (Previous rank: 6)

  8. Captain Phillips (Previous rank: 8)

  9. Frozen (Previous rank: 12)

  10. American Hustle (Previous rank: 7)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  Inside Llewyn Davis; 12 Years a Slave

Commentary: Another solid Top 10. Love that top five, especially. Ender’s Game jumps quite a bit as it is so rewatchable. I think my liberal guilt and dislike for author Orsen Scott Card dropped it too far down at the time. But objectively, it’s an awesome film. Modern Disney classic, Frozen, jumps up a couple of spots as well. I let it go too far down the list apparently…

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New 2014 Top 10

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Previous rank: 9)

  2. Nightcrawler (Previous rank: 4)

  3. Whiplash (Previous rank: 5)

  4. Captain America:  Winter Solider (Previous rank: 8)

  5. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Previous rank: 3)

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy (Previous rank: 3)

  7. Birdman (Previous rank: 2)

  8. The Skeleton Twins (Previous rank: 6)

  9. Imitation Game (Previous rank: 1)

  10. Edge of Tomorrow (Previous rank: 14)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  Foxcatcher

Commentary: What a great year! Lot of A+ movies in this list. No knock to Foxcatcher, which is replaced by the very re-watchable Edge of Tomorrow. Scanning down into the Top 25 shows a LOT of movies better than other years’ top ten! Imitation Game, which surprises me that I put it #1, drops 8 spots; swapping places with Grand Budapest Hotel; which really climbs. I considered Nightcrawler as my #1 now (and that year), but it settles for second.

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New 2015 Top 10

  1. The Martian (Previous rank: 1)

  2. Inside Out (Previous rank: 3)

  3. Sicario (Previous rank: 6)

  4. Mad Max (Previous rank: 9)

  5. The Force Awakens (Previous rank: 2)

  6. Spotlight (Previous rank: 4)

  7. Steve Jobs (Previous rank: 5)

  8. Kingsman (Previous rank: 12)

  9. Spy (Previous rank: 10)

  10. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl  (Previous rank: 7)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  Trainwreck

Commentary: 2014 had the best top 25 by far, but 2015 had a comparable top ten. The Martian received a rave at the time and has somehow gotten better. It’s in my top 25 ALL-TIME! Kingsman continues to improve in my estimation, jumping into the top ten. Mad Max makes the biggest jump; continuing to make me look silly for berating the trailers in the early days of the podcast.

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New 2016 Top 10

  1. Deadpool (Previous rank: 1)

  2. Hell or High Water (Previous rank: 6)

  3. La La Land (Previous rank: 2)

  4. Kobu and the Two Strings  (Previous rank: 5)

  5. The Arrival (Previous rank: 4)

  6. Jungle Book (Previous rank: 10)

  7. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Previous rank: 7)

  8. Manchester by the Sea (Previous rank: 3)

  9. Sully (Previous rank: 13)

  10. The Nice Guys (Previous rank: 16)

What Fell Out of the Top 10:  Fences; Moana

Commentary: A decent list, but only Deadpool is an A++ for me (a top 25 favorite). Jungle Book and Hell or High Water standout as films I really like a lot more now that when I saw them.

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