YouTube Selection: Nerdwriter’s “The Problem With DC Action Scenes”

We here at Gabbing Geek love to bag on the movie we have nicknamed Batsoup.  It is just an at-best mediocre movie on so many levels, tainting our potential enjoyment for other DCEU movies that have since come out, such that when a good one appears (Wonder Woman), it takes us even more by surprise than it probably should.

Meanwhile, we did an extensive rewatch of the movies of the MCU.  What makes one film series better than the other?

Many things, but YouTube essayist Nerdwriter has some thoughts on one particular thing.

Nerdwriter takes a look at action sequences, for movies in general and then superhero movies in particular.  And, as is his wont to do so, he finds patterns that emerge for movies with good action sequences and bad ones, and then he looks at more superhero-specific ones to see how these ideas might apply to the MCU and DCEU.  What did he have to say?  See for yourself.

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