Simpsons Did It!: “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used To Be”

Well, I guess if a Simpson were to inspire Lisa to some day run for public office, Marge is a good choice.

Remember the Springfield Monorail?  Well, the city got the idea to remake it as a pedestrian walkway with all kinds of eco-friendly sights and attractions like, er, talking garbage cans that tell everyone within earshot what horrible things you just tossed inside.  As Mayor Quimby is dedicating the walkway, the power is turned on for a handful of lights and that…starts up the old monorail train which, it turns out, wasn’t properly secured.  The train goes crazy, runs over the scientist from the classic episode that shouldn’t have stopped for that haircut and ultimately comes to a stop when it runs off the track and lands on top of a Leonard Nimoy memorial statue.

Now, Mayor Quimby’s reaction to Marge asking questions at the town meeting isn’t helpful.  He basically asks why the women aren’t serving the cake in the other room.  Then Marge and the other women go to serve cake in the other room.  She says she’s not doing it again, but you know she will by the time the episode is over (and she does).

As it is, Marge comes up with a plan to become mayor herself.  Assembling a team of strategists made up of Julio, Lindsay Naegle, and Professor Frink, Marge makes an effort to reach out to every sub group of voters in town, slowly gaining on Quimby in the polls, when she makes a decision during a debate to stand up for an actual issue:  she will see to it the Springfield Tire Fire is finally extinguished.  And that gets Marge elected!

Then she runs into problems when a man running a souvenir stand next to the tire fire chains himself to the gate for the fence that surrounds the thing.  He makes his livelihood off the tire fire.  And then when Marge accidentally insults him, it comes out that he’s a Vietnam vet, and now Marge is in political hot water.

She even goes to see Quimby for advice.  His advice?  He doesn’t care.  He’s actually doing much better as a private citizen.  He even remembered his wife and it helped their marriage.  And the Marge serves cake again.

What can help Marge?  Insulting Homer in public.  That gets her approval rating up, but she decides not to do it anymore and that’s the end of that.

Fast forward eight years, and Homer and Marge are visiting Marge’s “Mayoral Library,” where we learn she was impeached, removed from office, and Quimby was put back in.

I am somehow not surprised by that.

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