Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #176: Tomorrow Woman

Sometimes a superhero will be given a single issue to shine and then disappear forever.  Sometimes it’s even intentional.

Tomorrow Woman is a weird case where it may have started off that way but didn’t end that way.

Grant Morrison’;s JLA run often distilled many past Justice League eras into one series, and one story he did in a single issue was about the intended traitor that turns out good and sacrifices himself or herself for the team.  That was basically Tomorrow Woman’s role.  She was a powerful telekinetic who showed up unexpectedly for JLA try-outs and was immediately drafted to the team.  There was one problem:  she was there to destroy the League, not help it.

She seems so friendly!

Here’s the thing:  she wasn’t human.  She was, in fact, an android built by two of the League’s oldest foes:  Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow.  It was part of a bet to see who could create the better android.  Ivo had built Amazo, which looked like a flesh and blood creature but was actually an evil machine that stole superpowers from anyone who came in contact with him.  T.O. Morrow’s great creation was the Red Tornado.  It looked like a robot, but Morrow claimed the great thing about him was he had a mind and a soul.  As such, the two combined their talents to make Tomorrow Woman, equipping her with an EMP that would, at the proper time, take out the JLA.

As it was, Tomorrow Woman was present to battle something called IT, an advanced weapon the Lord of Time (another League enemy) had brought from the future.  Seeing no other options, Tomorrow Woman flew into the thing and detonated the EMP, knocking IT out and only really killing herself.  Ivo and Morrow were arrested, and Tomorrow Woman got a full funeral at the superhero cemetery.

That would seem to be the end of her.

It wasn’t.

First, she came back for a single issue of the time traveling Hourman character’s series.

Then came Trinity.  Trinity was a special, 26 part, bi-weekly series by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Mark Bagley about the special place Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman hold in the DC universe.  Due to some cosmic chicanery, the three heroes are transformed into more godlike beings and the world shifts to one where the three heroes never existed.  And there was Tomorrow Woman, alive and well.  She ended up helping the loved ones of the Trinity heroes get through to the Now Much Bigger Three.

She didn’t mess around.

So, reality was fixed and she disappeared again right?

Actually, no!  She continued to exist, but as a human being and not an android.  Her name was Clara Kendall!

And then DC forgot about her.

So close…

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