Orphan Black “Conditions Of Existence”

Say, is anyone watching the clones?

It’s a scientific experiment.  Of course someone is.  Sarah gets that impression when she wakes up with an electrode in her mouth after a bad dream.  Cosima over Skype seems to think it was a standard EKG and blood test, so probably not anything to be too concerned about, but Paul was sleeping next to Sarah the whole time…

As it is, Sarah learns that even though she quit the force, Beth had been suspicious and borrowed some surveillance equipment she’ll need to return.  Hey, she can follow Paul to his office and set up some bugs with help from Felix.  She also has $20,000 to buy stuff for protection since she is the one doing all the dangerous stuff, and even Alison agrees to that.

Fun reaction:  Alison does and does not seem to approve of Sarah sleeping with Paul.

Not so fun reaction:  Alison suspects her own husband Donnie is a monitor for her.

More fun reaction:  Alison demands to know what’s in Donnie’s secret box.  It’s his porn collection.  She’s not happy with him.  She thinks there’s more to it.

Even more fun reaction:  Alison goes to buy a nanny cam and runs into Vic.  She doesn’t know who Vic is.  She hits Vic with pepper spray and a taser.  Then she hustles her kids out of there.

Granted, Vic lost a finger to whoever he owed money to, and finding Sarah at Felix’s place, he demands she, well, pay him or give him the drugs.  She gives him the $20K to go away.  Will that work?  Probably not.

But then Sarah and Felix hear a creepy conversation between Paul and some sketchy creep named Olivier at Paul’s office and confirm Paul is a monitor.  This comes after Sarah and Felix search through Paul’s stuff and find a gun and military mementos.  However, Paul also got some photos of Sarah with Kira, and when confronted, Sarah admits Beth is dead and Paul admits he is a monitor but he doesn’t even know why he does it.

But we have a mystery or two left.  What was Donnie burning in the woods?  Is Cosima being monitored?  Wait, the answer there is yes.  She did meet French scientist Delphine Cormier this episode.

Who is patching Helena up?

And who is behind all this?


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