Simpsons Did It!: “Looking For Mr. Goodbart”

I’ve noticed that actress Valerie Harper does The Simpsons once in a while.  When it happens, she does two episodes in a row and hasn’t seemed to play the same character twice.

Take that, Glenn Close!

OK, so, here’s the deal:  Bart was screwing around in class on a Grandparents Day of some kind, so Principal Skinner scooped him up to punish him.  Sure, Grampa got angry, but he also didn’t do too well writing things on the chalkboard due to his overall age afterwards.

Skinner, seeing a note to the parents and detention seems to have no effect on Bart whatsoever, opts for a new punishment:  Bart has to escort Agnes Skinner to the bus stop.

That would be devious, except Bart quickly adapts in such a way to make Agnes look like a good grandmother in front of Martin’s grandmother, and Agnes takes a liking to that and offers to take Bart out.  Bart accepts and soon learns the benefits of being a Grandson For Hire.  He acts like the perfect kid to lonely old ladies and gets lots of cash and gifts as a result.  It works until he meets Phoebe Pratt (guest star Jennifer Saunders).  She’ll pay Bart $100 for four days to wander around the local forest since she does nature photography, and then on the fifth day she bequeaths her camera to Bart.  Bart doesn’t know what that word means, and there is a funny bit where he goes to the library to ask a librarian who shows Bart what the word means on the boy’s phone, and then Bart pays the woman $5 because he doesn’t know it’s a free service.  That leads him to realize Phoebe is going to kill herself.

And while that is going on, Homer and Lisa get caught up in a Pokemon Go! type game, and that comes in handy because when it comes time to find Phoebe in the woods, those virtual hunters are actually pretty good at it.  Plus, all the trees are actually wifi reception towers.  And Phoebe decided she doesn’t want to kill herself anymore.

All this was a lengthy way for Bart to apologize to Grampa for crass behavior.

Oh, and Homer spent $600 on that game, but Marge didn’t worry too much when Homer pointed out it’s just a fad he’ll get over quickly and she’ll be worrying about something else soon.  That actually works.

Oh, and it was the characters’ 30th anniversary apparently.

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