Geek Review: Upgrade

Bloomhouse Productions seems to be making a name for itself largely in quirky (for lack of a better word) horror movies.  They tend towards the pulpy, though they do have a few non-horror films in their catalog.

The new movie Upgrade seems geared more towards science fiction.

Upgrade tells the story of one Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green), a stay-at-home auto mechanic at some unknown point in the future.  It’s a time of voice-activated everything and self-driving cars, but Grey prefers old gas guzzling muscle cars while his wife Asha works as an executive of some kind for a computer company.  After the two are coming back from a drop-off for Grey’s best customer, a reclusive tech billionaire, Asha’s self-driving car goes on an unexpected detour, leading to an attack by unknown assailants, leaving Asha dead and Grey paralyzed from the neck down.  Potential salvation comes when the tech billionaire offers Grey a bit of experimental technology that will allow him to walk, but it also ends up allowing Grey to perform nearly superhuman acts as he can now seek revenge against the men who killed his wife.

This is really the sort of movie you should shut your brain down and enjoy.  It tends to bog down a little bit in the third act, but it’s somewhat clever and none of the no-name cast does a poor job.  The action scenes flow very well, and heck, Marshall-Green should get some kudos for his body language that becomes distinctly machine-like the moment he stands up after the implant is put into his spine, even before his movements become more or less impossible (kinda the point when the implant kicks in).  I won’t say there’s too much that’s surprising to this one, but it was fairly enjoyable, so it may be worth a look at least at a discount theater.  8 out of 10 hand guns.

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