Simpsons Did It!: “Kamp Krustier”

Did we need a sequel to one of the series’ classic episodes?

Not really, no.

So, what happened at Kamp Krusty this time?  Well, it was horrible and most of the campers came back traumatized.  Not Bart.  He’s fine.  Then he learns that anyone who has whatever PTSD they all had can skip school.  Lisa is traumatized and wants to go back to school while Bart isn’t and wants to stay home?  Well, Bart can fake it.

That means being extra demanding on Homer and Marge and effectively getting Homer kicked out of his own bed.  Having no other recourse and being prevented from snuggling with his wife, Homer actually…goes to work early.  He has his pick of parking spots, donuts, and hot coffee.  He can actually read his safety manual.  He becomes…productive and good at his job, impressing both Burns and Smithers.  He credits this to his newfound celibacy and opts to stay that way, much to Marge’s displeasure.

But then Bart has a bad dream involving an escape attempt from the camp he and Lisa made with another kid in a red life vest onboard a canoe in bad weather.  It seems this mystery kid Charlie drowned…

Look, this episode is the usual late-Simpsons hodgepodge that includes a cameo from Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as marriage counselors who might also be their Masters of Sex characters.  In the end, the Simpsons all go to Kamp Krusty and find it is now an adult resort, Marge seduces Homer, and Bart and Lisa find out Charlie was actually a little person, not a kid, he’s still alive, and he was working undercover for a travel magazine.  Bottom line is, Homer goes back to being ineffectual at the Plant and the kids aren’t traumatized anymore.

Oh, and we were promised another sequel in another twenty seasons or so.

Not funny, Simpsons writers…

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