Podcast Reaction: The Franchise Edition

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys discussed organizations of travelers Ryan may or may not belong to, how much Watson and Jenny disagreed over Solo, and franchises of all kinds.

Hey, I got an idea for one!

Watson’s ideal franchise

So, with all the talk about building cinematic universes, I think someone is missing a golden opportunity out there.

I refer, of course, the the MGM Musicalverse.

Yes, a cinematic universe where all those classic MGM musicals exist, and the characters interact as they have thgeir adventures that inexplicably rely on large amounts of singing and dancing.

The heroes all work for the mysterious Ziegfried out of Brigadoon, where he commands such agents as Gigi, Rooney Garland, the Rainsinger, and Annie (she has to get her gun).  Will they be able to locate the seven brides for the seven mystical brothers before the villainous Mr. Chips says goodbye to the human race by causing pennies to rain from heaven?  I don’t know.  I just know that might be entertainment,.

Or, it’ll be phenomenally stupid.

And now that Jenny is claiming she is the only one here writing articles…

Jimmy gets no respect!

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