Podcast Reaction: Thanos Edition

This week on the podcast, the Geeks discussed Avengers: Infinity War and to a lesser extent Deadpool 2

I have some thoughts, but that’s nothing new.

Watson’s ideal Avenger.

So, the topic of Infinity War came up, and I was looking for an opening for this idea for a while, so here goes:  Thanos is the real protagonist of Avengers: Infinity War.

See, many of my students assume (incorrectly) that a protagonist is a heroic or benevolent figure.  That isn’t actually correct. The protagonist is the main character who is attempting to achieve a goal.  The antagonist is, by definition, whatever is trying to prevent the protagonist from achieving a goal.  And who in that entire movie has a stronger drive or goal than Thanos?  Many of the MCU’s various villains often have little beyond conquest or death as a goal.  It’s an empty goal.  Thanos actually wants something and sees himself as the good guy in the story.  Thanos got more character development than most if not all of the various villains that preceded him, he got more than the heroes in the movie itself.  Thor has a goal of getting a new weapon, but the heroes are basically established at this point and given little to do aside from bicker with each other.  That makes sense:  the various other movies established the heroes as people, and this movie was about establishing the threat of the bad guy who didn’t see himself as bad.

As for the rest of the show, I did see Deadpool 2 and will have a review go up Monday morning as is my habit.  But on the subject of who writes articles for this site, well, to Ryan and Watson, I have this to say:

It seems the Soul Stone isn’t the only dick, and I don’t even agree with that statement since it seems to me you’d want some sort of test to cause most people from turning away from that sort of acquisition.  But shame on Ryan and Watson for their words, and their poorly-rehearsed repetition joke.  And that’s assuming the joke was rehearsed at all since it probably wasn’t.  It would actually be sadder if it was rehearsed.  But to suggest that no one else adds articles here is wrong and they should feel bad.

Jimmy Impossible works very hard on the sanity tests that are the extended Chronologies he makes for all things Spider-Man and various big crossovers.  Show that man respect!


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  1. Thanos as the protagonist is how I saw Infinity War as well, and taken from that angle it really, really works, particularly the ending.

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