Orphan Black “Instinct”

I remembered what it is I loved about Orphan Black as I revisit it:  the plotting is often fantastic.

True, we technically still don’t know why Sarah keeps running into copies of herself…well, we don’t if we don’t watch the “next episode” previews that run over the closing credits, so I’ll pretend I still don’t know.  I obviously do know, but I can pretend I don’t.

Sarah has problems.  “Beth” is under investigation from IA for the shooting of an unarmed, innocent person.  Her psychologist has said she isn’t fit for duty.  Oh, and Art followed “Beth” around and ended up taking all the cash she had in the trunk.  That would be the cash Sarah stole to run away with Felix and Kira.

She also has a dead German double in her car.  About the only things going in Sarah’s favor is Mrs. S seems to know Sarah faked her death and didn’t tell Kira her mother was dead, Paul decided to take off for a while since “Beth” is acting really weird, and Vic the Dick still thinks Sarah is dead.  Plus, Felix makes a pretty good ally.

So, what to do?

First, bury the German in the woods.

Second, answer the phone and find out who is calling Beth.  I’ll get to that in a bit.

Now, Sarah is somewhat good at learning what she needs to know, so she does get Beth’s story down, blackmails the shrink to give her an OK, and even convinces Art to return the money…once she’s been cleared by the investigation.  As for the person on the phone, Sarah eventually cops to not being Beth, and is told she needs to get the German’s missing briefcase.  Someone who left behind a defaced Bible and a barbecued Barbie doll got there first, but Sarah is able to get the briefcase and finds out it is full of blood samples and more lookalikes from places like Austria, France, and Italy.

Now she needs to turn in the briefcase to the woman she knows only as “Alison Hendrix” and maybe find some answers.  Who is Alison?

Um, a suburban soccer mom.  I mean, she is coaching her kids’ soccer team.  She is a soccer mom.  She’s kinda hostile too.  Sarah does turn in the briefcase at Alison’s house, with Felix sitting in the car as back-up (he’s not a good choice so much as the only choice), and that’s when she meets an American with her face named Cosima.

And that’s where our episode ends.


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