Ash Vs Evil Dead “Second Coming”

Can Ash change the past?

That depends on whether or not he can win a fistfight.

Yes, back in the past, Ash is getting the usual kick-the-crap-out-of-him by the demonic old lady Deadite before he gets his chainsaw running again, and then there’s a shock…Ruby’s blonde?

Oh crap!  This is 80s Ruby!  And she’s still evil!

So, when Modern Ruby and Kelly show up, we see 80s Ruby still has her crappy plan to do crappy things, and Ash won’t hear of that, but as one Ruby stays behind to sacrifice herself to slow down her younger, still immortal self, Ash and Kelly make a run for it…and Ash’s hand grows back!  Hey!  The past has changed!  Maybe Pablo’s alive again!  Sure looks like it!

Oh, wait, no, it was Baal the whole time.

Ash still calls that guy “Bill”.

So, Baal and past Ruby are working together, and present Ruby is dead.  Bummer.  Can Ash save the world.  Yes, he can.  More or less. All he has to is challenge Baal to a fight, one without demon powers.  If Ash wins, Baal goes back to wherever he came from, taking his demon kids with him.  If Ash loses, well, he’s dead and Baal and Ruby get Kelly and the rest of the Earth.

Ash will do anything for Pablo apparently.

But hey, Ash can fight!  He’s not doing badly, even as Ruby rolls her eyes and smacks Kelly around.  But then Baal cheats by taking the forms of Chet, Ash’s sister, and Ash’s dad.  Oh, and he cuts Ash’s new hand off.  It looks like Ash is losing, but then just before Baal can gut Ash, he asks Baal what it was like to have sex with Ruby.  And sure enough, Baal gets a wistful look on his face and Ash uses Baal’s own big ass claw to gut the demon.  Baal loses and has to go back to…wherever.

And Pablo lives again!

And then we go back to the present where Ash…is a hero for some reason.  And Linda kisses him despite the fact her husband and daughter were recently killed and Ash even sees his dead loved ones salute him one last time.  Everything is great for some reason.

Oh, and 80s Ruby is still hanging around.

Hey, how’d they back to the present anyway?


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