Big Little Lies “Living The Dream”

Isn’t this show centered around a murder investigation?  Because the interrogation of the various supporting cast members whose character names I don’t know don’t seem to be offering much there.  I mean, I like this show, but it sure feels less like “investigate a murder” and more like “First World Problems The TV Show”.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

What is there wrong with?  Perry choking out Celeste for agreeing to take the twins to Madeline’s alternative to Amabella’s birthday party.  Why?  Because he wasn’t consulted.  And the physical abuse is conveniently left out when the two visit a marriage counselor who looks an awful lot like Calamity Jane from Deadwood, but she isn’t slurring all her dialogue so I’m not so sure it’s her.

Yes, I am well aware it actually is the same actress.  Cut me slack.

Renata, meanwhile, takes the absence of six kids from Amabella’s party by suggesting to her husband that they put their six year old kid in therapy.  He thinks that’s unnecessary.  I like that guy more already.

As for Madeline, when she isn’t fighting prudes wanting to put a stop to Avenue Q, she’s blindsided by Abby’s request to live with her father for a while.  And everyone seems to think Ed wants to fight the guy.  Ed is played by Adam Scott.  He is probably beyond harmless.

But the real news here comes when Jane reveals why Ziggy can’t fill in the father half of the family tree project:  because she has no idea who her son’s father actually is.  She was raped by a guy she knew who gave her a false name.  Now she’s scared and sleeps with a gun, and only Madeline knows about the rape.  She obviously hasn’t told Ziggy yet.

But, again, no progress on the murder.


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