Geek Lit Review: Noir By Christopher Moore

I’m a big fan of comedy writer Christopher Moore’s novels.  His latest, Noir, just came out.  And, I’ve just finished it.

How was it?

The usual level of Moore fun.

Despite the title, Moore does not attempt to, say, ape the pulpy style of a Raymond Chandler.  No, Noir is still written in the distinctive style of Christopher Moore, as his usual assortment of oddballs and weirdoes get together to deal with something that may be a bit sci-fi or supernatural in the city of San Francisco, but is definitely played for laughs.  Aside from a tendency to use 40s slang for women and various minorities since the book is set in 1947, which a disclaimer at the start points out could be seen as offensive despite their authenticity, it is still the comedic style Moore has employed in his other works.

The basic plot, after a bit of a jump-ahead, shows a bartender named Sammy meeting an attractive young woman his age.  Her name is Stilton, but since that is a type of fancy cheese,, Sammy (acting as one of two narrators) calls her The Cheese.  Well, Sammy has some secrets, and his sleazy boss Sal wants him to procure some women who will act like prostitutes without actually being prostitutes so an Air Force general that runs Area 51 can maybe get some membership in the Bohemian Grove (a real thing there…look it up).  Sammy is always out for a score, and he and The Cheese seem to be hitting if off, but he could mess it up, and there are various government forces that are up to their own thing.

I generally like me some good Moore, aside from some of his sequels, and this one was an original, so I am predisposed to liking this one.  And, I did.  Nine out of ten plots involving snakes.

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