Ash Vs Evil Dead “Home Again”

Watching this episode really made me think…I should do an Army of Darkness rewatch/live chat with Jimmy Impossible.

See, Ash remembers he did some time travel, and despite the fact that Ash has seen many, many people die gruesome deaths around him, he feels really bad for poor Pablo and opts to go back in time to prevent himself from finding the Necronomicon sometime during one of the two Evil Dead movies.  Which one?  I dunno.  I’ve only ever seen one of those two.  Or three.  There was a remake after all.

And you know, if you drive like a drunk maniac with Ruby riding shotgun, she will recite the spell to send the car along with Ash, herself, Kelly, and Pablo’s corpse back to 1982.  That’s good to know.

So, by now you should know that any plan Ash comes up with won’t work completely except for that plan he pulled off last week, and even that one got Pablo cut in half, so maybe not.  So what went wrong?

Well, the Evil was already loose and chased Ash back to the cabin where the book was missing and he had to deal with little demons inside him, and this time, unlike in Army of Darkness, pouring boiling water down his throat does work.

See, I should do a rewatch with Jimmy!

That also means Ash is separated from the women, and he once again has to go down into the cabin’s creepy basement where a little old lady is chained up, and repeated punches to the face don’t reveal a Deadite.  She says her professor husband is the one that went bad.  And it sure does look like he did when he brings a young co-ed home and catches her leg in a bear trap.

Of course, it is only after Ash unchains the old lady that he learns he was right the first time and she was possessed by a particularly nasty demon, one that gets bigger and whose guts will clog a chainsaw.  That’s a bad place to end an episode.

Where were Kelly and Ruby?  Killing a demonic tree.  Duh.


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