Big Little Lies “Serious Mothering”

Two episodes in, and I still don’t know who’s been murdered.

I’m fine with that.

Much of what passes this episode deals with the women and the gossip about all four of them.  Much of the gossip and plot focuses on Madeline and for good reason:  she holds grudges.  Against whom?  Everybody from the looks of things.  She’s mad at her ex-husband Nathan for being a better husband and father to his newer wife Bonnie, at Bonnie for taking teenage Abigail to Planned Parenthood without giving Madeline a head’s up, and at Renata for deliberately having invites handed out for Amabella’s birthday party and inviting the whole class except Ziggy.

Seriously, Madeline is angrier about that than Jane, and Ziggy is Jane’s son.  Jane figures Ziggy is a new kid and isn’t really friends with anyone there anyway.

And how does Madeline try to fix the “no Ziggy” thing?  By threatening to keep her popular daughter Chloe from the party, and as a result prevent a lot of other kids from going to the thing.  And then Madeline learns there’s a Disney on Ice show coming to town…

Wow.  That’s some Grade A maturity.

By the by, Madeline’s husband Ed feels unappreciated with all the Nathan and Bonnie ranting, but the two seem to have made up by episode’s end.

And the kids try to fix things themselves.  Spurred by Chloe and Bonnie and Nathan’s daughter Sky, Ziggy tries to make up with Amabella…apparently by kissing her, which causes all the parents to get called to the principal’s office and causes Renata to threaten a lawsuit against…someone.

Anything else?  Well, Perry hits Celeste again, but the hits lead to sex.  That’s…not healthy.


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