Geek Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War is the result of nearly a decade of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe all culminating in, well, something big.

Normally, I write these reviews to be SPOILER FREE, and this one is too, but don’t expect me to say too much about the plot of this one.  There really is very little I feel comfortable divulging, so here is a very round-about review that will say as little as possible about the plot of the movie.

OK, here’s the deal:  this movie is all about Thanos.

Josh Brolin plays the Mad Titan well, giving us a character that is far deeper than most MCU villains have been so far.  Longtime Marvel fans will probably be pleased by this take on the character, one who isn’t quite the Death-obsessed nihilist whose best adventures and distinctive voice were a product of his creator, Jim Starlin, who got a special shout-out during the closing credits.  Starlin’s Thanos was a guy who could stand with the likes of other Marvel villains in the league of Magneto and Dr. Doom, a guy with motivations and philosophical beliefs beyond most supervillains who are largely content to blow stuff up, steal big things, or maybe try a half-assed attempt to take over the world.  Thanos was never those things in his old comic stories, and he isn’t that now.  Brolin’s Thanos has his own motivations, ones that put him at odds with many MCU bad guys in terms of his ultimate goal.  He’s no cackling madman with aspirations to godhood.  Marvel Films hasn’t given too many of their bad guys this level of depth save Loki, and the better ones have been due more to actors like Cate Blanchett really enjoying playing the ultimate evil.

As for the rest of the movie, it plays out a lot like a big comic book crossover story, where heroes who normally don’t interact much gets to play off each other and the required big battle scenes have the epic scale that would be expected. That said, there’s very little character growth from the longstanding good guys, possibly because there was no time to do so. Even at over two and a half hours, there isn’t room to let the good guys grow since there are so many of them.  Think of it more as a Thanos movie than an Avengers movie, and you should be in good shape.  This one was good.  Nine out of ten things I won’t talk about now.

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