Watson Reviews: Blockers

I have wanted to see the well-reviewed comedy Blockers, but due to travel and work, I am just now getting to check it out.  Thankfully, my wonderful movie companion whose last film choice for date night was Phantom Thread chose something equally intellectually stimulating this time around.


We have seen the lose your virginity at prom pact movies before.  There is a new one every generation, like American Pie or Porkies.  This time, it is three girls who have been friends since kindergarten who decide they are DTF and gonna lose it at the prom.

When their overbearing, helicopter parents find out about the pact, they band together to try to stop them from making their own decisions.  In other words, they want to become cock blockers…


  • The Cast Was Really Solid and had great chemistry. John Cena (Trainwreck) continues to demonstrate a knack for comedic timing and genuine likability.  I don’t see him having the range of fellow wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson, but in the right spot, he can be entertaining.  Blockers is in his wheelhouse, and he meshes perfectly with the ever talented Leslie Mann (Forty Year Old Virgin) and  Ike Barinholtz (Neighbors) as the fretful parents.
  • The laughs were right down the middle. This wasn’t the next Superbad or The Hangover, instant comedy classics you tell people to run out and see, but the yucks were there.  Cena is funny. Mann has the chops.  Barinholtz is funny in a bizarre way.  They can get you through 90 minutes.
  • It was refreshing to see this story through the female lens.  So often, the virginity prom pact movie  is told through the eyes of the boys.  Nice to finally see it be about the girls being in control and confident in their sexuality.
Pictured: John Cena
                        Pictured: John Cena


  • I wish the film about females in control, would have been about the females. Though we get plenty of time to check in on the girls and their conquests, the film is obviously a vehicle for Cena and the adults.   First time director Kay Cannon tried to address the gender issue with some discussion about “would you be trying to stop a son?” but that is more lip service than anything else. Baby steps toward progress, I guess…


Blockers is ultimately unmemorable, but I don’t regret seeing it.  It is decent for a fun night out and not much more. If you want some silly laughter, Blockers is your kind of movie.  If you are looking for urbane, sophistication in your cinema, go with a film like Phantom Thread.  You never know… some people might like both.

Overall, I give BLOCKERS 7 “Butt Chugs” out of 10.

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