Ash Vs Evil Dead “Ashy Slashy”

Huh, this episode was full of pleasant surprises.

Until the end, that is.

Pleasant surprise #1:  Linda appearing to Ash in the last episode was not a delusion, but the real Linda.  Baal had captured her daughter Laney and was using Laney to force Linda and her doofy sheriff husband to help him.

OK, the girl was a Deadite already and would killed her dad, but that was still a pleasant surprise.

Pleasant surprise #2:  Ash was kinda scary as a mostly silent killer stalking Pablo and Ruby throughout the abandoned sanitarium.  Normally, Ash is a hapless idiot.  Here. he’s kinda scary.  He’s almost the villain.  Almost.

Pleasant surprise #3:  After taking down Deadite Laney, Kelly plays the Ash role as she is repeatedly attacked by the Ashy Slashy puppet in the sort of slapsticky way that normally gets Ash seriously hurt.

Pleasant surprise #4:  Linda takes the death of her family rather well and opts to help our heroes.

Pleasant surprise #5:  Ash…had a plan that worked.  He wasn’t evil.  He was faking it.  He kept the pet tracker on himself while playing mindless killer to get Pablo (with the book on his flesh) and Baal into the same room.  And it worked.  Pablo recited the words while the others held Baal down and banished him back to wherever he came from.  Or he died.  Either is fine.

But then…

Unpleasant surprise:  Baal took a wild swipe before he was banished or killed and literally cut Pablo in half.  That was unexpected.  Not nice either, like watching a puppet’s head explode into a blast of gore.


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