Geek Review: Traffik

Traffik struck me as something that somehow managed to be both exploitative and informative about a real world problem, namely global sex trafficking.  The movie claims to be based on “true events,” but I suspect those “true events” were really just the idea that sex trafficking actually happens.

Anyway, how was the movie?

For a movie that is only about 90 minutes long, it sure does take a lot of time to actually get to the part everybody came to see.

Reporter Brea (Paula Patton) and mechanic John (Omar Epps) are a happy couple enjoying a weekend at a luxury mountain retreat owned by the sports agency John’s childhood friend Darren works for.  After a tense stop at a truck stop (probably the tensest scene in the movie), a desperate woman puts a satellite phone into Brea’s luggage and soon, Brea, John, Darren, and Darren’s girlfriend Malia are being terrorized by the bikers who seem have been kidnapping and shipping women around the world as sex slaves.  After that, it’s all John and Brea can do to stay alive long enough to hopefully expose the traffickers before they’re all killed.

Of course, the movie has all kinds of subplots running before it even gets to the cat-and-mouse stuff the audience presumably showed up for.  Almost all of them are quickly forgotten.

For a movie trying to speak out about a serious subject, this one sure was trashy.  Epps and Patton are fine, but the script isn’t overly original, and the camerawork is mostly just weird.  A third act twist wasn’t that surprising all told, and the movie ends with some sad statistics that underline the situation that the movie itself only handled so well.  Six out of ten out-of-place sexual confessionals.


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