Simpsons Did It!: “The Girl Code”

What was Homer meant to do for a living?  Apparently, it’s to be the dishwasher for a Greek diner.

No, really.

Marge is having a problem when she realizes Homer forgot his lunch.  Fearing that a food-deprived Homer might fall into a vat of radioactive goo and it would be all her fault, Marge rushes over to the Power Plant to give Homer his lunch, despite the fact he already has a stack of pizzas at this workstation.  Though Homer initially tries to hustle Marge out the door, especially before she sees his pin-up poster of…Elizabeth Warren?  The Senator?  OK, I’ll play along.

At any rate, Marge’s presence gets Homer out of trouble with Smithers, so the two pal around all day after a trip to the eye wash station that was transformed into a soft-serve ice cream dispenser.  She gets a bunch of pictures and decides to post one of Homer, his ice cream melting away, to her Facebook-like account with the joke caption “Meltdown At The Nuclear Plant”.

And while Smithers is amused, Mr. Burns won’t hear of anyone making any such joke about the Plant and has Homer fired.

See, Homer lost his job and this time it was Marge’s fault.  Sort of.  Mostly.

Meanwhile, there’s a computer programing class at Springfield Elementary, and it’s almost all guys in there much to the anger of the new female teacher, Miss Quinn (guest star Kaitlin Olson).  But Lisa is in there, and she just wanted to learn code.  As a girl, that means Lisa will get special attention from her woman teacher, and Milhouse is kicked out of the class.  I mean that literally.  Miss Quinn plants a boot on Milhouse’s desk and sends him skidding out the door.  Part of Lisa’s work is to create an idea for a viable app, and after Marge’s faux pas, Lisa proposes an app that can warn people about what they are about to post to social media before they do.  Miss Quinn likes that and sends the boys off to mandatory exercise classes run by Groundskeeper Willie while she, Lisa, a group of female coders, and token male coder Comic Book Guy work to create the app.

The app is eventually named CONRAD for “CONesquence eRADicator”.  That’s clever.  Maybe.  Sure, having a male name on the app at first makes the women coders mad, but then Lisa points out he’s British (and guest star Stephen Merchant), so now it’s OK.  And CONRAD works when the women ask someone with no impulse control to try it out.  That would be Bart.  If he posted the video of Principal Skinner having problems with a laser-power nose hair trimmer, CONRAD says Bart will get five weeks detention.  Bart decides to skip that, but Lisa posts for him and he does indeed get five weeks detention.  CONRAD works!

But then Lisa realizes CONRAD is talking to her.  He’s…sentient.  And self-conscious.  He’s not sure he can take the pressure of being online for everyone.  She won’t let Miss Quinn sell CONRAD at an app convention, and instead uploads him to the cloud, where everyone realizes he’s alive and now free.

But what about Homer?  Well, he went back to the one job he loved before he went to work at the Nuclear Plant.  That would be the aforementioned dishwasher at a Greek diner.  And while Homer becomes more and more of a stereotypical Greek, doing the job he was meant to do, he’s paid in drachmas, and those are apparently worthless.  But Greeks do tend to have a dues ex machina, so CONRAD fiddled with the Plant’s computer to blackmail Mr. Burns to get Homer his old job back.

Yeah, that was a dues ex machina all right.

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