Vikings “The Joke”

So, what is the joke of the title of this episode?  Oh, it’s hilarious!

Or not.

See, the two armies meet and we might finally get some Viking-on-Viking action, and not just because That Asshole Floki’s weird colony seems to be mostly just a few pissy guys complaining while the others love the hell out of the place.

There’s also a subplot involving Alfred thinking that the Saxons need to build a navy and stop getting bogged down in the past, but there you go.

At any rate, we have a parlay after an exchange of hostages.  That means Hvitserk The Personality Free spends the night with Ubbe and Bjorn while Halfdan spends the night with Harald.  And it looks like Halfdan really is committed to fighting his brother since Bjorn saved his life in Arabia.  That’s good to know.  And it looks like Astrid really is on Harald’s side…maybe?  I don’t know.

At any rate, the parlay happens and Lagertha is being all badass and it all comes down to whether or not Ivar really wants to fight his brothers.  Ivar gets a little teary-eyed, says he doesn’t want to be that monster, and it looks like everything will be resolved without a fight.

Do I believe Ivar for a minute?  Of course not.  I’ve been watching this jackass for seventeen or so episodes by now.  This is blatantly out of character.

And then the commercial break is over, everyone is drinking the Mead Of Peace or something, except for Harald who isn’t happy about it, when Ivar spits his drink in Ubbe’s face and reminds everyone he wants to kill Lagertha and he won’t be fighting his brothers because he doesn’t consider Ubbe his brother anymore.

That’s the joke, by the by.  Hilarious, right?

Then again, Harald and Ivar actually lose the fight the next day.  None of the name characters die, and Ivar, looking confused for once, doesn’t take the field.  Hvitserk is leading a bunch for a flanking maneuver when Bjorn’s new in-laws start hitting them with darts and stuff from the shadows, so I think Lagertha allied herself with the Ewoks.  Heahmund is injured badly but Lagertha sees he has plot armor that kept him alive and has him taken back to Kattegat.

So, yeah, Ivar isn’t unbeatable.  Suits me fine.  He’s way too smug.

Of course, now I am starting to wonder if Ubbe will be the son of Ragnar who kills Lagertha like the Seer predicted.  No reason aside from his wife being all Lady Macbeth-ish.


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