Godless “Homecoming”

Well, that was violent.

And that German woman was pretty badass.

So, as expected, Frank and his massive gang rode into La Belle and there was a confrontation between the women of the town and the gang.  Grigg’s article told Frank Roy was there (Roy had just left), and the mine security guys made a run for it with the town’s horses before Frank could get there.  The only narrative problem I had with this last episode was Frank and his gang somehow easily massacred most of the town of Blackdom, where all the retired Buffalo Soldiers lived, despite the fact those guys once drove him and his gang away.

It was a tense scene, and the retired military men did take out a couple members of the gang while Whitey saved his love interest and her kid brother, but still…

But with Bill and Roy both out, and Truckee missing, that means the remains of the town (mostly women, children, and a few older men), have to take what rifles and guns they had and hole up in the hotel, the only building in town that isn’t flammable.  And then Frank comes.  Whitey dies almost instantly from a thrown knife just by stepping out of a door.  But then the shooting starts, and the women…hold their own.  Mary Agnes and Alice are pretty good shots.  The people of La Belle have some casualties, especially when some of Frank’s people ride their horses into the hotel and keep shooting.  And then Bill (redeeming himself) and Roy come back.  The two figures out what was up by finding the mine security guys and a bit of Grigg’s newspaper, and that…well, that’s the end.  Grigg gets shot, but he uses a copy of his own newspaper to keep from bleeding out.

And yes, Roy finishes Frank off in the woods.  Frank thought he saw his own death.  He was wrong.

So, Roy rides off West, Bill seems to move in with Alice, and that’s that.

I loved this show.  It was artsy, the characterization was fairly deep, and it had the right amount of pulp.  9.5 out of 10 horse dead men and their dogs.

But hey, time for another new show for Tuesdays.  How about HBO’s Big Little Lies?

I have no idea what it’s about, but it has a hell of a cast.



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