YouTube Selection: Every Frame A Painting’s “F For Fake (1973)-How To Structure A Video Essay”

I’ve been putting up YouTube videos on Friday mornings for a while now, to the point where I have contemplated making my own.

But I lack the equipment and overall patience to do it right.  As it is, the essayist at Every Frame a Painting has some thoughts on how to put a good essay together.

Here’s the thing:  Every Frame apparently drew inspiration for making better essays from Orson Welles, a man who though long dead has invented and forgotten more about filmmaking than many people know today.  To illustrate his point, Every Frame uses Welles’ documentary F for Fake (one of those movies I keep meaning to track down and watch) to show how Welles demonstrates how to make a compelling video essay/documentary.  It’s worth a look.  Check it out.

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