Vikings “Full Moon”

So, hey, the big battle between viking armies that we were headed for last week happens in this episode, right?



We’re still gathering forces as both sides have people sitting around and playing some variation of chess, as Heahmund and Ivar (and the personality-free Hvitserk) debate their respective faiths and Bjorn comes home to side with his mother.  Is Bjorn happy to see Ubbe there?  Oddly enough, no.  He actually figures it’s Ubbe’s fault the brothers are no longer united and are as such a disappointment to Ragnar’s spirit.

Meanwhile, I strongly suspect none of these guys know what Ragnar would have wanted.  If they did, maybe they would have gotten it.

But sure, Lagertha isn’t without some allies.  She got some king from what looks like Finland.  And Bjorn wants to marry the man’s daughter (take a hike, Torvi).  That might have happened, but man, that girl sure is into the S&M stuff.

Like, seriously.

As such, even though the battle was promised to occur on the next full moon, we only get to see the moon and nothing else.

Oh, and That Asshole Floki won over his grumbling followers with a warm geyser.  Hey, whatever works.

And no, I don’t much care what Alfred is doing right now.


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