Comic Review: I Hate Fairyland Volume One

The little-girl-friendly fantasy series has its own standard tropes involving fairies and friendly quests involving cute creatures.

I Hate Fairyland takes those tropes and turns them on their head.

Gertrude is a little girl who may or may not have wished one night to go to Fairyland.  She goes anyway, and even if she didn’t wish to go, she sure as hell didn’t look like she wanted to go when the portal opened up.  Once she arrives, she’s given a standard quest to find the key back to her world and a guide named Larrigon Wentworth III, a talking fly.  Call him Larry.  Normally, this quest takes a day and the little girl goes home after a fun adventure to last a lifetime.

27 years later, Gertrude is still looking for that key.  She hasn’t aged a day physically, but on the inside?  Oh yeah.  She hates Fairyland and is rather good at killing things (especially narrators).  There are a series of laws that keep Queen Cloudia of Fairyland from harming Gertrude directly, but Gertrude is phenomenally bad at finding keys, and about the only person safe from her wrath is Larry.  He’s not too happy either.

Writer/artist Skottie Young has created a hilarious world, one where swearwords are substituted with sweeter words, and something that looks like a cute kids book is full of graphic violence of a slapstick variety.  The world of Fairyland is a colorful, creative place, and as much as Gertrude hates it, the reader can enjoy the hell out of this trip.  10 out of 10 easily-dispatched huntsmen.


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