Ash Vs Evil Dead “Trapped Inside”

Huh.  Ash’s dead sister comes back this episode, and it’s the same actress from the original movies.  That’s cool.

But not so cool:  Chet, as expected, is killed.  Looks like he and Cheryl Willaims used to fool around a little.  But all this takes place in and around Ash’s house.  It seems Baal got the sheriff to bring an angry mob to the house just as Ruby tries to bring the Necronomicon  out of Pablo’s skin, since there should be a spell in there to banish Baal back to Hell or wherever he came from.  So, while Ruby and Lacey try to bring out enough of the book to get the spell but not enough to kill Pablo, Kelly and Linda use firearms to keep people away from Ash’s house.  Sure, that’s a felony, but the alternative is for Ash to get killed.

But what’s up with Ash?  Well, he finds Chet up to…something in Cheryl’s room.  And after he drags Chet out, Cheryl returns as a Deadite, smacks her brother and Chet around, rips out Chet’s heart, and then when Ash finally blows the walking corpse outside, he’s able to convince the crowd that he isn’t a murderer.  He kills demons, demons that used to be people, or people who are actually demons, or something.  Having Cheryl pop up, attack Ash after getting hit with a shotgun multiple times, kill at least one guy in the crowd, and finally talk a little after getting decapitated, finally convinces the people of Elk Grove that Ash is not a murderer.  At least of humans.

Too bad Baal’s there to talk Ash into going to sleep.  Lousy suggestive people.  Ash should have just gotten Baal to swallow that pet tracker.  How he would have done that, I don’t know, but it could have done something.


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