Ash Vs Evil Dead “Confinement”

Ash can and will dispatch Deadites without any problems.

But cops are another story.

Yes, it seems when you use a chainsaw to dismember a person, people think you might be a murderer if they don’t know that person is already dead.  As such, Ash gets locked up by his childhood nemesis Sheriff Emery, the man married to his old flame Linda.  Linda is, aside from Chet, pretty much the only person glad to see Ash back in town.

So, what’s the problem?  Well, it seems Baal doesn’t go for the usual death and dismemberment like most evil things do on this show.  No, he uses a mind whammy voice and a sharp finger nail to…wear other people’s skin.  He’s in the police station with Ash, the Sheriff and his whole family, Chet, and a few other people.  So, when Ruby shows up with Kelly and Pablo, well, things get bad.

That said, Baal and his skinless minion don’t even kill that many people.  Baal just makes Ruby look like a putz and steals the dagger.  Ash has to chainsaw a skinless woman in half while retrieving Linda from a holding cell that Baal…

Hey, is that Baal or Linda?

And why does Baal look like a discount Brad Dourif?

Actually, that’s kinda cool.  I wish it was Dourif, but this guy will do.

As it is, Ash might have proven he is dealing with the supernatural to Elk Grove’s surviving law enforcement types, but Pablo thinks he might be Baal because of a weird rash growing on his skin.

Don’t ask Ash about rashes.

But Ruby thinks Pablo’s rash is…the key to defeating Baal!

It really sucks to be Pablo sometimes.


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