Comic Review: DC Rebirth Batman Night Of The Monster Men

Crossovers are old hat, and it isn’t uncommon for a family of titles to run a single storyline over multiple books.  After DC Comics started its Rebirth line, the Bat-books had one entitled Night of the Monster Men that ran through Tom King’s excellent Batman book, a Nightwing title I mostly liked, and a Detective Comics title I was a bit disappointed with but will probably give a second shot to.

Anyway, how was this giant story?

Kind of disappointing, all told.

While all the respective writers of the different series worked out the plot, scripting duties fell to Steve Orlando.  He does OK, but he lacks the pop of, say, King.  But the real problem here is the plot seems to forget (or the artists do) that the story has Batman, Batwoman, Nightwing, and their allies dealing with two problems at the same time.  First was a hurricane hitting Gotham City, and Batman is determined to make sure no lives are lost.  The hurricane seems to be forgotten as, despite the presumably destructive winds and heavy rain, the storm doesn’t seem to be affecting people that much.  Batman runs around in the storm without having problems, say, swinging on a rope or flying a glider of some kind.  You’d think the winds would be doing a number on him.

The other problem is the title of the book.  Back in the Golden Age, Hugo Strange created some “monster men” who were mostly just large, muscular brutes.  Batman used more lethal force in those days and famously hung one from a noose from the Bat-plane.  Hugo Strange and the Monster Men storyline gets redone every so often, so here’s the most recent version.  This time around, the monsters are true monsters, giant misshapen beasts that destroy everything in their path and barely look human anymore.

Ultimately, this was a bit disappointing and forgettable.  Certain things, like the storm, seemed to be forgotten, while a weird mold in a cave seemed to come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly.  As such, well, you can probably skip this one.  Five out of ten infected allies.

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