Deadwood “Unauthorized Cinnamon”

The title for this episode comes from the fact Al is hosting a second meeting of the camp elders in the Gem and serves canned peaches.  Dan, whose uneasy about everything right now, gets upset when Jewel serves a bowl of cinnamon as well.  That cinnamon, you see, was unauthorized.

Tensions in the camp are high.  Granted, they are usually high all the time, but the Hearst thing is making everyone antsy.  About the only thing you can say in that man’s favor is he isn’t racist.  As he explains to Odell, when he refers to “the color,” he means gold.  He doesn’t much care who holds it as long as he can get it.

That’s why he’s really not liking Deadwood right about now.  According to Tolliver, the only thing Hearst really wants right now is revenge on Bullock for the whole “grab the rich guy by the ear and arrest him” thing.  Heck, the Russian telegraph man violates confidentiality to tell Swearengen that Hearst appears to be bringing hired guns to camp.  A lot of them.  That will not end well.  Is there anything they can do?

Actually, Bullock has a suggestion at the meeting.

Publish a letter he wrote the family of the last miner that was killed in the camp newspaper.

What will that do?  Show that the citizens of Deadwood, particularly Bullock, are considerate, good-hearted people who deserve sympathy despite whatever Hearst might say about them.

That’s…a rather subtle plan for Bullock.  And heck, everybody likes it.  He’s already written the letter.  And he probably agrees with every word he put into it.  Bullock’s not the kind of guy to make stuff up.

Of course, one noteworthy absence from the meeting was Doc Cochran.  Swearengen finally clues in the doc probably has tuberculous and, well, threatens the man to not die.

That might work too for all I know.

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