Godless “Fathers & Sons”

So, Frank Griffin is just a merciless killing machine mowing down everyone in his path on the way to getting Roy Goode, right?

You might want to rethink that.

OK, sure, he essentially raped that pioneer woman after threatening her extended family and then letting the lot of them go, but two things happened here to make this episode less murder-y as far as the Frank storyline goes.

  1.  He stops to help a bunch of dying folks in a sick house with the pox be more or less comfortable in their last hours while having two of his gang do a lot of chores and such.
  2. He confronts Bill McNue…and lets the sheriff walk away unharmed, knowing full well what McNue is and what McNue’s self-proclaimed mission happens to be.

Can I just say, the moment Bill realizes he caught up to Griffin’s gang and first improvises as someone harmless and then, once he learns the bit ain’t working, tells them exactly who he is and stares down Frank’s pistol, well…that took some giant brass balls.  And the folks of La Belle think he’s a coward…

What else?  Well, Whitey tried to court his potential girlfriend, but due to racial differences, her father doesn’t approve.  He doesn’t approve with a belt to her ass, actually.  Whitey almost shot the man, but then Roy showed up.

Roy, see, took Truckee and the boy’s grandmother hunting, and one of them is a great shot that killed a deer.  No, it wasn’t the kid.

And finally, we got some flashbacks!  The kind that newspaper guy would probably love because you know he’s going to cause problems.  Roy was left by a slightly older brother at a friendly nun’s home for orphans when Jim Goode struck out for California, promising to send for young Roy as soon as he could.

Alice nearly drowned and then was rescued from a gang rape by Bill McNue at some point in the past.  That might be how she met her second husband, Truckee’s father.

And so forth.  I am loving this series…

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