Geek Review: Pacific Rim Uprising

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim should be an easy enough movie.  Giant robots fighting giant monsters.  What’s not to like?  True, the movie wasn’t exactly packed with memorable characters.  It dispensed with all the mythology in a quick infodump at the start of the movie and was the perfect “shut off your brain” movie in that if you do actually think about it for more than a minute, you saw it was probably Del Toro’s worst movie.

Well, there’s a sequel now, and Del Toro didn’t direct it.  How did it go?

OK, here’s the thing:  most of the original cast didn’t come back for this one either.  Three appear in the movie, and one not for very long, so aside from Charlie Day and Burn Gorman, you won’t be seeing too many familiar faces from the first part this time around.  That’s fine.  Both John Boyega (as Idris Elba’s son) and Scott Eastwood both seem to have more onscreen charisma than Charlie Hunnam did in the original.  So, a bunch of new characters piloting giant robots to fight giant monsters, right?

Sort of.

See, the robot vs monster fighting only really comes along at the end of the movie.  Which means, up to that point, it’s stock character development, and it isn’t all that fun.  So, really, if you want to see that whole robots vs. monsters thing, try some anime in that genre or rewatch the original.  When the fighting does finally happen, it isn’t bad, but you have to go through a lot of movie to get to it.  Six and a half out of ten disturbing bedroom scenes.

And man, you couldn’t even get Ron Perlman back?  Sheesh.


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