Deadwood “A Rich Find”

This episode seems to be more about moving some chess pieces into place.

That’s a good thing, too.  Hearst being locked up overnight didn’t leave him in a good mood.  Charlie revealing the next day the guy in the next cell was the dead miner Bullock was storing there after Hearst’s people dumped it there.  Charlie thinks the next move would be to hit back to Hearst right away because otherwise, Hearst will be hitting back at Bullock.  Seth isn’t completely unaware of such a possibility and gently suggests to Martha she may want to leave town.

Bullock isn’t wrong either.  Swearengen also sees it, but the real problem isn’t that Hearst hates Bullock.  He hates the whole camp and would just assume wipe the whole place out as he confides to both the Russian telegraph man and to Tolliver.

The only good thing to come out of it is Hearst tells Tolliver not to give Alma a fatal overdose…yet.  Just as well.  Leon, her dealer, isn’t into that.

Meanwhile, Aunt Lou’s son Odell comes to the camp looking to do some kind of business arrangement with Hearst.  This distresses Aunt Lou.

As it is, Farnum overhears Hearst grumbling about bringing the whole place down, and Al calls a meeting of the camp elders.  Previously, Al might have gone for a physical confrontation, something that would please Bullock, but losing a finger tells him he needs a different route.  Let’s see if they can find one before Dan has to go out to find some hired guns.

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