Godless “Wisdom Of The Horse”

Godless often looks like something outright cinematic.  It’s beautiful with its wide shots of the New Mexico desert.  And then there’s a scene like the one in this episode where Roy teaches Truckee how to ride.  It’s a long scene, slow, takes its time, and absolutely would not appear in a movie that would need to cut to the chase.

Also not in a movie?  When Whitey rides out to take violin lessons from the daughter of a retired Buffalo Soldier.  It’s sweet, especially since a guy named Whitey is clearly there for other reasons, and the men don’t like that much.

Godless also introduces us to the new sheriff of La Belle, an operative for the mining concern named Ed Logan.  He’s clearly a bad dude from the start, as Roy notices he rides his horse too hard, as does the local blacksmith.  That he takes over the sheriff’s office and effectively kicks Whitey and Bill out of their respective jobs is a sure sign of that.

Bill, of course, is out looking for Frank’s gang, and with his new glasses, he found a lot of clues for Roy’s stand, where Roy used a dead horse for cover, killed multiple members of Frank’s gang, and then wounded Frank in the arm.

Bill doesn’t find Frank.  He does find the Russian (I think they were Russian) immigrants that Frank messed with in the previous episode.  He may be close.

Closer is the Marshall, John Cook.  He finds the newspaper editor A.T. Grigg, who gives him a clue, and then Cook finds a dark saloon where Frank is waiting for him.  Cook is gunned down almost immediately.  Considering he’s played by Sam Waterson, they clearly aren’t afraid to kill off the name actors here.

Godless is a real slow burn kind of show, and I’m glad for it.  It’s got the best of both worlds, film and television, working in its favor to tell what it almost certainly going to be a rough story.



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