Vikings “Homeland”

So, who will be the leader of the vikings?

That’s the question at the center of this episode, and the episode answers it.  On one side, we have Ubbe, trying to be like the more peaceful side of his father while on the other is Ivar, looking to be a violent psychopath and raid all over England.  Ivar calls peace a dirty word.  Ivar laughs while covered in another man’s blood.  Ivar is a bloody lunatic.

So is Bishop Heahmund for what it’s worth.

Ubbe wants to make peace with the Saxons, and even tries a very Ragnar-esque trick of going directly to the Saxons to say as much, deploying a lot of his father’s mannerisms in the process.  Alfred seems amenable.  So does the newly crowned King Aethelwulf.  But Heahmund, well, he has the escorts slaughtered and Ubbe and Hvitserk beaten.  Or maybe Aethelwulf allows that.  I don’t know.  All I know is, the vikings are rebuffed violently, which makes Ivar’s position stronger, so when Ubbe says he is going back to Kattegat with his own loyal people…he goes alone.  Even Hvitserk stays with Ivar.

Though, to be far, Hvitserk has no personality of his own.

This comes after the vikings beat the Saxons badly in defense of the city of York, which the Northmen had captured in the previous episode.  That would be where Ivar demonstrated his more lunatic traits.  The spike pits were a nasty touch, especially as the survivors had to walk over the wounded to get across the them.

Beyond that, we see Harald tempted Astrid, Lagertha worrying and planning, and Bjorn making his way to the Mediterranean.  Oh, and That Asshole Floki is either in Asgard seeing things like women made out of bees or ravens and water that instantly heals nasty wounds, or he’s hallucinating because of said nasty wounds.  On Vikings, it can go either way.


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