Simpsons Did It!: “Super Franchise Me”

People harp on Homer Simpson changing jobs a lot, but how many people consider how much career hopping Marge has done?

She gets another temporary job in this one.  And franchising, no less?  Did she not learn her lesson from the Pretzel Wagon Fiasco?

So, after a couch gag that apparently had something to do with some Cat Stevens album cover (I was confused and had to look it up), we cut to the Flanders house.  Ned’s boys have a school project that involves unplugging everything.  I missed what the project was because I wasn’t sure why Rod and Tod, who are clearly different ages, have the same school assignment.  At any rate, Ned is a bit baffled when he sees even when he unplugs everything, he’s still burning a lot of power.  That doesn’t make sense?  Then he tracks a mystery cord to the Simpson house where Homer has rented a ferris wheel that is being powered by Ned’s electricity.  That won’t do.  Plus, a second cord goes to a freezer full of meat.  It’s actually Ned’s Freezerino (brand name from Okily Dokihama, Japan), and he’s taking it back, leaving Homer with a large pile of defrosting meat.

That means Marge to the rescue!  She can cook the meat and slice it into sandwiches.  Homer is generally pleased because that means once again Marge has made one of his mistakes into food, something she can’t do with Homer’s biggest mistake (Bart).  But now Marge has a metric ton’s worth of sandwiches.  Fortunately, these are good sandwiches.  So good her kids are asking for more of them.  Heck, Lisa even asks for ones with meat.  What happened?

Marge’s sandwiches are so good, they replaced cigarettes as the currency of choice for the kids of Springfield Elementary.  She assumes candy cigarettes.  That doesn’t seem likely given Bart’s reaction to that question.

But wait, will anyone notice if Marge makes good sandwiches?  Yes, actually, a sandwich franchise corporation does and offers to sell Marge her own franchise for the Mother Hubbard’s Sandwich Cupboard corporation.  Since Homer has saved…nothing, Marge jumps at it.  She hires GIll and Shauna and the Squeaky-Voiced Teen, but Gill is clearly working multiple jobs at the same time and Marge catches Shauna stealing from the register, so she’s fired and she takes the Squeaky-Voiced Teen with her because he’s dumb enough to do anything after she shows him a bra strap.  The only answer is Marge gets the other Simpsons to help out.

That actually works and she starts to turn a profit.  Will anything stop her?  Duh, yes.  Marge never sticks with these things.  Didn’t you read the first few sentences?  Something has to happen, and that something is Mother Hubbard’s opening an “express” version of Marge’s business directly across the street under the supervision of Cletus and his family, and there are a lot more of them than there are of the Simpsons.  Can Marge get out of this?  I mean, she’s depressed enough to go to Moe’s herself.

Moe can help for once.  He tells Marge how to get out of it.  It involves getting the company rep over when Homer (in disguise) comes over and is repeatedly hit in the groin with sharp or hot implements, and the impending lawsuit gets the company to refund Marge’s initial investment.

Yes, the Simpsons broke even against a big corporation.  That’s the best they could hope for.

And then we learn where the sandwich came from…

That was weird.

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